Domestic Case Studies

Automation and security, network and lighting, home cinema or whatever you need.

Control 4 Intergration
We had an email from a customer explaining about how he had a multi room system and home cinema installed from a company 7 years ago but finds it very complicated to use as there was around 5/6 remote controls to control various devices. The setup was multi room audio around the home and a cinema room which included a 5.1 surround with a fixed TV and a drop-down projector screen. We came out to see the customer the very same day, explaining the benefits of this system and how it will simplify everything for him. He was very impressed with our approach and was happy for us to go ahead. We installed a simple user friendly control4 system which allowed the customer to control all of his devices from one remote, iPad or his phone.
He was able to switch between watching all the different devices either on his TV or projector with the touch of a button from our navigation menu. We also setup audio streaming around the home where the customer can now choose to listen to any radio station in the world or connect his phone via Wi-Fi to the system to dedicated zones around the home.
"I got in touch with Sector 7 accidently as I was trying to source control4 equipment for my home cinema theatre over the web and sent few emails to various firms. After a few emails exchanges they understood what I wanted and offered to come over to take stock of the present situation with home cinema. We already had a home cinema theatre and multi-room audio and video installed 7 years ago which needed updating. I got few companies to come over and advise us the best way forward. Of all the firms who came I found sector 7 to be sincere and honest as well knowledgeable and understanding our needs. After clearly discussing and giving me a written plan of the work needed, we agreed and proceeded with the work which was completed in 3 days, during the time of the work the team was very professional and honest in dealings with us. Now the home theatre after installation of control4 is so easy to use and we are enjoying the time we spent there watching and listening to music. We have now booked in an upgrade for my CCTV I would really recommend sector 7 for any work needed for networking, CCTV, home cinema installation etc."

Home Automation
For this project the customer was looking to link all of the lighting, heating and TV’s so they could be controlled form one system, making life that bit easier. This meant we had to consider all the elements, any new additions, and synchronising them together.
First we looked at light. The customer wanted to add a little extra light to what they currently had, so we installed LED lighting into the spiral ceiling in their living room, as well as a LED lighting system in the kitchen. We also installed a colour changing LED system on the landing of the house to provide a more comforting setting.
Once the lighting was sorted, we turned our attention to the audio and visual devices. The living room was fitted with a 62” LED TV and a 5.1 surround sound system with a “loewe certos” sound – the customers preferred choice.
The kitchen was installed with a 32” LCD monitor, which also channelled to the sound system for music.
Finally the office was kitted out with a 32” LED monitor, alongside 4 monitors used for CCTV.
Once all of this was ready, we allowed them to all be controlled by the same system, which could be controlled by touch pads. The control touch pads were then set up in the master bedroom, kitchen and living room, to ensure they were always in a convenient place.